Sweaters mania

October 17, 2016

Cold nights. Warm sweaters. Bright sun. Good books. Long walks. Red&Orange. Hot chocolate. Pastels. Knit. Leaves piles. Gloves. Colorful parks. Short days. Wind. Scarves. Pumpkins. Candy apple. Tea with lemon. Spouky. Sound of leaves. Rain. Pinecones. Got to love autumn!

Sweaters mania? Well yes! It happens to me every autumn. There is such a huge variety of them that it is easy to loose your mind. Like I did. I bought quite a few. You will definitely see more in posts to come. You can check them out down below. 
 Stay tuned to see how I style them :)

Stay warm:)

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1 komentarai (-ų)

  1. Beautiful sweaters:) I like your hairstyle:)



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