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October 19, 2016

To be honest for me autumn is one of the best seasons fashion vise. Chunky scarves, warm accessories and autumnal colors. Today's post is all about those autumn essentials. This time I picked out few items from website to kinda guide you and visually show You what I really like. Feel free to continue your shopping or click here for more :)

I can't imagine fall without warm sweaters. Maybe because I'm always cold? Anyways, I always go crazy and buy a lot of different ones (it's never enough). And this time it's even more exciting to shop. Why? Because of the sleeves trend. I have already mentioned how much I'm obsessed with enormous sleeves on the blouses. Well sweaters are not an exception.
                              (Shop here)                                                                       (Shop here)


But sometimes you just want something simple, easy, casual without all the drama. And that's why you have to have pastel knit in your wardrobe. Not only do they go with almost everything but also you don't have to try super hard. Denim jeans + knit sweater and you are done!!

                               (Shop here)                                                                      (Shop here)

Coats are such an essential part to your style. And sometimes it can be so exhausting to pick the right one. For the beginning of fall I would suggest to invest in good trench coat. It will protect you from the chilly air but will keep you looking elegant and classy at the same time. To me it is worth the investment because they last for so long. Remember that it won't go out of style! For colder weather make sure that you have that thick coat hanging in the closet, waiting for you. When picking a coat I start by choosing the right color. Usually I prefer darker colors mainly because it's more practical. But it is always hard to resist to a light grey one.

                     (Shop here)                                                                            (Shop here)

If you are tempted to add more colors to your wardrobe. Don't hesitate - play with prints and colors!
                       (Shop here)                                                                             (Shop here)

                           (Shop here)                                                                       (Shop here)

 (Shop here)

 Speaking about bottoms. I always was into skirts. This fall I am looking forward to skirts with big buckles on the top or skirts with interesting asymmetrical cut.
                              (Shop here)

                         (Shop  here)                                                                     (Shop here)
Pants. My color palette for pants this fall is pretty simple. Grey, black or stripy. When it comes to pants, I would more likely play with length and cut rather than the colors. 
                             (Shop here)                                                              (Shop here)

To sum up your fall wardrobe add a vest. Lately I have been in love with vests. Even made a couple myself by cutting off the sleeves of coats. 
                           (Shop here)                                                                          (Shop here)

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Till next time!! Stay warm!
Let me know in the comments below what is you favorite item for fall? 

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