Polka dots // Wrap dress

March 01, 2018

Polka dots are a trendy print and you will see it everywhere this Spring/Summer. I wanted to wear this dress now! So since it's quite a summery dress I had to paire it up with a turtleneck to keep me a little bit warmer. I'm obsessed with the wrap dresses and I'll wear them to death in the summer season for sure. Imagine it with a pair of sandals and a straw bag...oh I can't wait for the summer.

To finish off my look, I added a pop of color with this mini clutch from Primark. You can find it in a few different colors. What is so great about these is that you can wear them in different ways and one of the cool ways to spice up your look to wear it on your waist. I have seen a lot of Bum bags recently and I will definitely give them a try. Bum bags will be huge this Spring too.

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