Contrasting combinations

February 14, 2018

Sweater / Shoes - H&M
Culottes - Asos 
Similar >>> here // here
Coat - H&M
Bag - Zara
Belt - SHEIN

What a surprise, another knit from H&M!...not. hahah I know. This one is so so warm and soft. I have never owned anything from alpaca wool before. Alpaca wool is noted for it's warmth and smoothness.
I am absolutely obsessed with this sweater. Downside of it though, it's a bit itchy. Of course, it's wool. But with a long sleeved shirt underneath it works fine. 

Purple is one of my favorite color and I love culottes. That's why these immediately appeared in my shopping bag.  By the way, the quality is really good. For that chic outfit, I imagine wearing these culottes with a white blouse and a pair of heels. Unfortunately, they got sold out really quickly. Anyway, I will add a link to something similar to these. 

I do not usually pair up these two colours, but always experiment! Since I am wearing culottes and a really chunky knit on top, I had to add a belt to my look to give a shape. I think it looks a lot better.

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