Autumn Colors

October 11, 2016

Hey !!

It has been so cold and rainy these past days that there was no way to shoot outside. So since I was stuck in the library decided to take a few photos there. I think You will agree that marble floor and walls is a perfect background. This autumn I am so obsessed with this hat. I just want to wear it all the time. Of course it is kinda tricky to wear because of the strong wind but you have to take the risk. Also can this blouse be more autumnal? All the season's colors in one blouse. For me it looks even better with dark lips! 

Till next time!  

Hat - Stradivarius
Blouse - Aprangos Galerija/ ONLY (here)
Pants - Aprangos Galerija/ PIECES
Bag/Shoes - H&M

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