Off the shoulder // Culottes // Vintage bag

September 04, 2017

I wish it were warm and sunny again...Rainy and miserable today...Anyway, that day we shot at the field with a lot of round bales of hay. It was so much fun. I was running around like a kid tho! So beautiful, really peaceful and calm. By the way, little stork kept us company. 

Off the shoulder top>>>>> This one will always remind me of my grandpa. Actually he helped me a bit to sew it. Was so much fun. And turned out pretty good. 

Culottes>>>>> I am literally obsessed with them. My second pair from Zara. Perfect clothing piece for autumn season too. Love the color. So easy, neutral and super autumnal ass well.

Bag>>>>> I have been looking for something like this the whole summer. It was super inexpensive, with vintage tags still on it. I know ....I know summer is OVER...but maybe I will be able to pull this mini on warm September day.

Earrings - H&M
Top - DIY
Culottes - Zara
Shoes - Danija
Bag - Humana Vintage

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  1. Lovely concept of photos! Loved looking through them all. Top is really nice!



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