Minimal outfit // Layering

September 14, 2017

Grey sweater - H&M
Culottes - Zara
Sneakers - New Yorker

This look as you can tell is pretty minimal. No crazy accessories, neutral colors, simple and for sure super casual. 

  • I cannot imagine my autumn wardrobe without a chunky grey sweater. And this one my friends is just perfect. So cozy and warm. I won't ramble about my love to this sweater....because I feel that when autumn comes all I do is talk about this item. So.. it is from H&M...and I really like it. 
  • Another clothing piece that I am obsessed about are culottes. Black ones, then these beige / tan ones...I can't stop myself, already found burgundy ones... To be honest, it took me a long time to get on board with culotte pant trend. The reason behind that whole hesitation was that they can be tricky to style. So, here is one of the looks!


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