Summer essentials

July 02, 2017

Hi there!!

In this post I pretended for a moment that I am on holiday..haha which, unfortunately, was not the case. Since it is summer season, I though why not share some of my summer essentials? So here's a simple, holiday ready outfit!

Backpack*** First of all when it comes to beach bags, straw hats I am not one of those people who will splurge on that. And well, I didn't. This little cutie was under 10 Euros. Super inexpensive. I love it so much. Loooove the colors and those cheeky pompoms. You will definitely fit everything You need in it. And that's what I am looking for...I mean I need that space for all my sun creams, 25 pairs of sunglasses, blankets and towels.  

Sandals*** I bought them last year for only 4 Euros. These I would take to the beach for sure. So neutral, would ''go'' with everything - shorts, jeans, dresses. 

Straw hat*** There are so many to choose from. I took this simple one from Ikea. It is so huuuge!! I really really like that it covers my shoulders too. I am so into these recently!! 


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