Casual: Blazer and mom jeans

April 14, 2017

So so Soooo comfyyy!! Good pair of mom jeans, sneakers, white top and I'm ready for the weekend. These Zara jeans are the best jeans that I have ever bought! Perfect light jeans for Spring/Summer seasons and they go with pretty much everything. Onto the blazer, this one is from Vintage shop. I always was into blazers (of course I am....haha), I never skip that section. Honestly, thrift shops are amazing for blazers, there are so many unique pieces. Currently, on the hunt for a black one. Also paired up these tops together just to make the outfit more interesting. 

 Blazer - Humana Vintage
Black spaghetti top - Zara
White top / Jeans- Zara
Sneakers - New Yoker

Have a fun weekend!!

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