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March 12, 2017

Hey cuties!
I am so excited for spring. Like literally, I can't..!!! This spring I just want to come out of my comfort zone a bit more and try new pieces. In this post I will show You one of my favorite trends for spring season. I already started making my wishlist, which will probably be endless. This time I found a few really cool spring pieces from Stylewe.

Ruffled clothes. Let's start this Rufflemania! You will see it everywhere from sweater sleeves to skirt bottoms. Ruffles will have their moment this spring!


Yet another way for layering. It is definitely more subtle way to show more skin this spring.
 Sheer floral dress 

Bell sleeves. Ding - Dong...Personal favorite. A perfect way to add a glimpse of rommance to your outfit. 
White blouse                                                                  Grey perfection 
Stick Your trend!! Patches, Pins and graphic decorations won't let You down. Have fun with it!
Cute applications 

Button-down shirts. Trust me, there is more then one way to wear a shirt. Let's reinvent the piece that has been worn since forever. 
Shirt 1                                                                         Shirt 2 

 Assymetrical blouse

Spring without floral prints? No, no, no. Huge Yes to flower embroidery too.
      Embroidered tunic

 Floral midi dress                                                                  Shirt

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Till next time!!!

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