Vintage score

September 27, 2016

Hey loves!!

I can't even tell You how long I was searching for the perfect pair of vintage jeans. There was always something wrong...too big, too small or just not that kind of wash that I was looking for. And finally I found the perfect pair of authentic pre-worn Levi's jeans. It's so easy to style it. Warm chunky sweater with a pair of vintage jeans and you are ready to go. It is such a timeless and basic item that You just have to have. This time I kept my outfit simple and neutral. One of the trends this season is layering. So I decided to pair these two shirts together. I think it spices up an outfit just a little bit more.

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2 komentarai (-ų)

  1. The jeans are perfect, you look gorgeous:)
    Have a nice week:)

  2. you did well babe. Love how they fit u, and great to pair it with that boxy top. Perfect styling.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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