Gold and black

September 21, 2016

Hi, cuties!!

This look is totally me. Puffy skirts, bow shirts....give them all to me. Also I am such a sucker for coats like this. This one I bought at the end of august in H&M. I absolutely adore it. Details are just amazing. The one thing that makes me sad is that I probably won't be able to wear it again this season. It got so cold here already. Anyways, I styled it with this puffy skirt and gold vintage blouse. 


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3 komentarai (-ų)

  1. Dear you are so gorgeous.And your outfit is so perfect.
    I love the heels :D

    If you want us to follow each other, let me know on my blog

  2. Lovong coat! Beatiful photos as always :)


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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