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July 12, 2016

From 50’s to Trendy: The Different Ways To Wear Midi Dresses
Midi dresses are one of the 50’s trends that are making a big come back today. That is not surprising considering the fact that midi dresses are chic, fashionable and above all, comfortable. But one struggle that many women who love midi dresses encounter is that the dress has the tendency to make them look like they came out of the 50’s.
If you are one of those fans of midi dresses, maybe you would like to incorporate variety into your favorite look. Lucky for you, there is different ways on how you can wear midi dresses. These are some of them:

•    Put a sweatshirt over it.
If you think that it is impossible for you to wear a midi when it is cold outside, think again. You do not always have to highlight your waist. If you want to look more modern, shy away from the tight fit and layer the dress with a long and boxy sweatshirt. That is one way to make midi dresses look more modern.

  VING Sweatshirt                                                                                                 DL.FANG Sweatshirt     
•    Choose a flowy dress. 
Most midi dresses fit the body and hugs every curve  perfectly. But if you want to shy away from the 50’s look, you should ditch the fitted midi dresses and opt for the flowy ones instead. Thanks to the sweeping lines of this kind of dress, it can draw attention to your feet. It would be perfect if you have a new pair of shoes that you want to show off.

ELENYUN dress                                                                                                               KAN F dress        
 YUJIA dress 

•    Layer it up.
You may think that adding layers on a midi will conceal its style. No, in fact, it would even highlight it. If you wish to look fashionable during the winter season, you can try adding two more layers to your midi. You can wear your midi dress over your maxi dress then top your midi dress with a mini dress. Just make sure that the loose and flowy layer will be on the bottom.

•    The shorter the hem, the higher the heel.
One of the problems that you would encounter when wearing the midi dress is finding the perfect pair of shoe to go with it. To help you with this, please keep in mind the rule that I have mentioned above. If you will be wearing a knee-length dress, there is a tendency that you will look more stumpy. That is why midi dresses are best paired with high heels.

There is no denying it—midi dresses are just what women need to wear to achieve an elegant, stylish and charming look. With the different looks mentioned above, you can add versatility to the list of the things you gotta love about this trendy piece.  If you are looking for the chic-est and most stylish midi dresses, do not hesitate to visit the page of Nitta at Stylewe.com

TangJie dress 

About Nitta

Cora is the brilliant woman behind Nitta who is extremely passionate about arts and fashion. She studies fashion and design during her college years and she later went to France to further develop her fashion design knowledge and abilities. With her unique approach to fashion and garments, she creates midi dresses in floral prints, fresh colors, and neutral tones.

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  1. Amazing dresses:)
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  5. Beautiful picks! My fave definitely is white grid dress. Something so simple and yet classy!

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  6. Hi, beautyful look, but a doubts, being as you said that the shorter the hem or skirt the higher the heel, I'd have expected lower heels with midis, but you said they are stumpy and suggest higher heels, why so? It depends (:. This rule has an exception so, as you followed the opposite?


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