DIY : Off the shoulder top

July 19, 2016

One of my favorite trends this summer is definitely - off the shoulder tops. I'm pretty
sure that you can find it everywhere. So if you love them the way I do this D.I.Y tutorial is for you!

What do you need?
  • Shirt. I recommend to buy shirts from men's section. I wanted to have that loose, comfortable, breathable shirt for summer. So that's why I chose men's shirt for this D.I.Y. Also keep in mind that it will be easier to work with the fabric.  I suggest to visit your local thrift shops. I bought all of these in Humana Vintage for under 2 euros. They always have huge variety of these vintage goodies. 
  • Elastic band.
  • Pins.
  • Needle, thread, scissors, pen and sawing machine.

Firstly, draw a straight line right underneath your collar. I left 2 centimeters on each side. 

Shirt would look better if you leave 1 cm or more on each shoulder. And then just connect those two lines together. 

Then cut off the top part of your shirt.
I sometimes skip this step, but maybe for some of you it would be easier to work with fabric this way. Then make cuts on your shirt. 

After making small cuts on your shirt, pin down the fabric.  Make sure to leave enough space for your elastic band. Pin all the way around your shirt.
For the last step stitch it close. For me it was easier to stitch it by hand, but you can do it with sawing machine. Don't forget to leave some room open so you could insert your elastic through. It would be easier to insert the elastic with a safety pin.

Before sewing your elastic together, try your shirt for the last time. This way you make sure that it fits perfectly. At the end, sew your elastic together and hide it beneath the fabric. 

 Also you can make an off-the-shoulder dress. In that case you need to find long button down shirt. Don't be afraid to experiment with the sleeves. For this blue off-the-shoulder top. I just rolled up the sleeves. I hope that this mini tutorial was helpful and interesting for You! 

SOON...More looks with off-the-shoulder tops!

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