Faux-fur collar // Vintage blazer & jeans

November 05, 2017

More vintage goodies please! 

I have a weakness for blazers and jeans in general as you may have noticed already. So I am happy that I found them - such a statement pieces to my wardrobe. These two are one of those pieces that are easy to trow on and always look good, which makes me want to wear them again and again. Get ready to see these two a lot on here.

Blazer>>> I love how this one can be worn as a coat for autumn. The fabric is amazing it holds the structure of this piece so well. This time I added a faux-fur collar and also belted the blazer. I teamed the blazer up with really minimal pieces and I think it helps the blazer to stand out even more. 

Jeans>>> What made me fall for them are the small details in the front and in the back. I didn't have mom jeans in black so I had been on the hunt for a while. These are so easy to wear and style up. 

Blazer / Jeans - Humana Vintage
Turtleneck - Zara
Boots - Bershka
Faux-fur collar - Took it out from Zara coat 

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