Edgy // feminine look

October 26, 2017

This time I paired edgy and feminine clothing pieces together. Oftentimes, it is quite challenging to pair those pieces. When styling I suggest to choose only one extreme piece. For me, I wanted to dress down the "extreme" of the skirt so I combined it with creamy Mango sweater. This one is less edgy, it has a neutral color, black lining and black bows, which,  I believe, softens the overall look. 

This vinyl H&M skirt is "stand out" piece in my wardrobe. Since it is such a statement, I would style it with a chunky sweater or graphic tee. Basically, I would suggest dress it down a bit. Overall, it's such a fun piece!

Sweater - Mango
Skirt - H&M 
Shoes - Bershka
Bag - Ebay

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  1. I love the skirt:) perfect look:)



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