Gingham print trend

May 22, 2017

Gingham print is everywhere now. I bought this Zara top last summer. But I wasn't quite sure how to style it. I broke one of mine rules back then - never buy it if you have no idea how you will style it. What can I say... I really fell in love with it. So girly!! Gingham is definitely go-to print for Spring. Although styling this print can be tricky. Try to wear it with neutral colors and let gingham print stand out. If you aren't sure about wearing gingham printed skirt or shirt or you're struggling to style those pieces - start with a dress!! Remember, you can always tone it down with denim. 

Top / t-shirt - Zara
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Primark
Biker jacket - Bershka
Bag - Zara
Glasses - Primark

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