Pompoms and cute backpacks

January 09, 2017

Hello 2017!!!! How are you all doing? I hope you all had the best New year ever!

Winter is so real here in Lithuania. So I am not even going to pretend that i felt OK standing there wearing only a sweater. Faux fur collars and thick wool gloves are a must for me in the winter season. How amazing are these gloves!? Those pompoms on them makes winter wear more fun.
To be honest I wasn't so sure adding this backpack to my look. Mostly because of the color - it just doesn't look like a winter item. When I look at it I see Spring. But overall with that burgundy color vibe it worked just great. And honestly, the quality of this pin cutie really surprised me.

Backpack - SammyDress
Sweater - SammyDress / Can find it here
Coat - Primark
Gloves - Knitas
Pants - H&M

Happy Monday, everyone!! Stay warm:)

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1 komentarai (-ų)

  1. I like the coat and bag:) great look:)



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