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June 14, 2016

Finally my studies at university are finished. Yaaayy!  Still kinda hard to believe that it's over. No more exams, deadlines.... so that means more time for blogging. I'm just so happy to do what I really love. So after a whole month of neglecting my blog I am back with new, casual, Monday look for you guys. More to come!!

By the way this park is little heaven. Too beautiful!

                                                                     Hat - Stradivarius
                                                                     Top - Zara
                                                                     Kimono - thrifted
                                                                     Skirt - Humana vintage shop
                                                                     Necklace - H&M

                                                                 Till next time !!!

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  1. You look beautiful Sweetie:) Love your hair <3


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