January 09, 2016

Hey loves!!! 

I can't even remember when last time I did a post like this. Anyway, I decided to share with you what I got!! Pretty much all of the things are from thrift store in Šakiai. You can find new clothes there also.

Neutral and basic. 
Zara spaghetti strap top 1,5 eur
Marks&Spencer sweater (I love the quality and the softness of this beige sweater) 1,5 eur
Brown Turtleneck for 2 eur

Bought these Zara turtlenecks in thrift shop, they were absolutely new with tags for only 3 euros each :) 

Sweaters from Humana Vintage. I always go there when they have sales and I always find some cute sweaters for reasonable prices. 

I  bought these in thrift store for my friends as Christmas presents.

Zara skirts
Black one - 5 eur
Brown skirt - 4 eur

Zara skinny jeans for 6 eur  

Bought  these in H&M for 1 euro each 

Got these earrings and bracelets from my friend - Juste. One of the best presents, which she made by herself :) 

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