December 20, 2015

                                                                             Hi !!!

EN I hope you all have an amazing weekend :)) I picked out this sweater 2 years ago and only now I decided to finally wear it. In winter time sweaters are a must for me. Different designs, colors, brands.. I need them all. And to spice up an outfit I added this faux fur collar. Overall this outfit is perfect for weekends when you just want to stay comfy and casual.

Stay tuned for part II :) 

  Sveiki !!!

LT Tikiuos puikiai leidžiat savaitgalį, kuris deja jau eina į pabaigą;/
Šiandien toks kasdienškas derinukas. Pagaliau išsitraukiau šį megztinuką, kurį laikiau uždarytą spintoje jau du metus. Tiesiog dievinu megztinius, kurių tikrai niekada nėra ir nebus per daug:) Tiesa prie derinio pridėjau šią kalinę apykaklę, manau tik dar labiau pagyvina visą įvaizdį.

Antras derinukas jau greitai :)) 

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9 komentarai (-ų)

  1. I love this fur collar;) Amazing outfit!

  2. Love your coat! What a steal too! Cant believe you got it for 12 Euros! Amazing!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Such a lovely pairing, Krisit! I adore your fur vest and sweater :) I hope you're having a lovely day so far!



  4. Love your outfit! it's a casual one, just perfect for a day you want to relax but feeling chic.
    I didn't know your blog until know, and I'm happy to do it :-)

    Lot of kisses,

  5. You look so pretty, love the fur!


  6. I love it when you can give love to an old piece and wear it again and again.

    xx Yasmin

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