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May 27, 2014

I decided to share with my  favorites products.

1. ,,Dove Summer glow nourishing lotion". ,,This lotion gradually enchances your natural skin colour, for a summer glow" - thats true, my skin got darker after first time using it.

2.,,L'oreal. Silk&Gloss Hot Straight''. I thought it will make my hair greasy, but it didn't. After using this product my hair become so soft! Since I started straightening my hair pretty often, Ithought of getting myself a heat protecting spray to avoid damaging it from the heat.

3.,, Eveline cosmetics. Nail therapy total action''. It actually protects against craching, breaking and splitting. That's whay I decide to try it out. My nails have improved 100% and are much stronger.

4. ,, Maybelline colorama''. I'm not surprised, that ir gets sold out really quickly, because they are amazing. One thing I don't like about these nail polishes is that it doesn't take off easily.
                                                     (1. Polca dots   2.Kitted gold  )

5. ,, Beauty line cosmetics neon nail polish (349)). I absolutely love the color. It will be perfect for summer:) 

It's my personal opinion:) I hope you find it helpful!! Now I want to know what your favorite beauty product? :)

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